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Ovid's Metamorphosis


Ovid's Metamorphosis 2021: Text
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Ovid's Metamorphosis 2021: Image

A parallelepiped-shaped object treated with the encaustic technique depicts the folk tales of Ovid’s Metamorphosis and Flora’s Transformation. The artist looks at the mythology of the past through the eyes of a human being from another time. In this way she projects the images of ancient culture and the Renaissance onto people close to her and therefore contemporary. Through artistic practice, she tries to identify with the characters she depicts while also inviting the viewer to wear their shoes as in theater, in a continuous experience of renewal.

Ovid's Metamorphosis 2021: Text
Ovid's Metamorphosis 2021: Pro Gallery

Ovid's Metamorphosis, Flora's transformation, 35 х 25 х 25 cm, encaustic on wood, 2021.

Ovid's Metamorphosis 2021: Text
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