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Work Details:

Annunciation, 2021

Linocut, silk, cotton, ceramic;

encaustic painting on wood

Between The Aesthetic and The Political

XX Biennial of Penne

Auditorium San Giovanni Evangelista, Penne, Italy

May 20 – June 20, 2023

This work presents an image of Florence in which everyday life is imbued with the ideas and symbols of Christianity. The artist uses them in free expression and interprets them to become aware of them. A flower as a symbol of purity and fullness. The hand is a touch, the vase like a human being, the stars like the sky, the 12 little stars like the 12 apostles. A central enlarged star represents Christ, while the columns and arches, traditional elements of Italian architecture, delineate the curvature of the altar. The flower and the hand are imprints of real physical objects. What is not material materializes and takes on a concrete form. On the contrary, the "gravity" of human figures, celestial bodies, and architecture is observed.

Annunciation 2021: Feature
Annunciation 2021: Pro Gallery
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