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Annunciation 2021: Text
Annunciation 2021: Image

This work represents an image of Florence, where everyday life and the city itself are permeated with the ideas and practices of Christianity. The symbols included in the work are canonical symbols found in religious texts. I use them in free reading, which helps to convey the impression of the image of the city in which I lived for several years.

Annunciation 2021: Text
Annunciation 2021: Pro Gallery

 All-Russian Youth exhibition «EXPERIENCE // TODAY / TOMORROW» at New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

November 5 - December 5, 2021

Annunciation 2021: Text

The project was implemented using a grant provided by OOGO "the Russian Culture Foundation" within the framework of the "Creative People" federal project of the "Culture" national project.

Annunciation 2021: Text
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