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Artist Statement

In my works, the main component is the perception of time in the context of memory. I am interested in recollections, as an attempt to resurrect the departed, fixing one of the countless moments in time as a cure for oblivion. I explore the phenomenon of memory through everyday events and the cultural background against which these events take place. Reconstruct or rather recreate my personal memory through ordinary objects or the environment. 

Another important part of my practice is working with symbols and symbolic images. The theme of gesture, as a non-verbal means of communication. I am interested in gestures as elements of mythological and religious sign systems, as objects for semiotic analysis.

The methodology of my work is figurative and poetic in nature. It is important for me to preserve the poetic perception of the world, therefore I consider all processes through the prism of emotional perception. A conversation with history, an exploration of the blurred boundary between the figurative and the abstract and on how the two can merge to create new visual expressions.

I work with different media depending on the concept of the project.

Artist Statement: Text
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