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Work Details:

A series of works,

oil painting on wood, 2019


Collective exhibition

Chinastraat, Ghent, Belgium

March 30  April 1, 2023

The Childhood images series, consisting of semi-abstract paintings and figurative, almost photographic portraits, is devoted to my childhood memories of life in the countryside, the places from my childhood that surrounded me. The choice of subjects is based on the principle of selective memory, capturing from the past fragments of events, people's faces, and my own image, as if partially continuing to exist in this bygone time.

In the process of creating the series, I drew on my own sensual experience and personal experience of the very notions of time and temporality. Some of the works were based on photographs from the family archive, which I subjected to artistic reworking, thus bringing to the foreground the figurative side hidden in them. Other works of the series, on the contrary, are almost abstract, and the only reference to "objective reality" are their titles: "House by the Road", "Birch Grove", "Field behind the House", "Table by the Window".


The project is a kind of personal reflection, lying between consciousness and subconsciousness, truth and fiction, illusion and reality, attempts to stop, to catch time and the inevitable evolutionary movement forward, where images of the past continue to live in the present only as part of memories in the endless process of comprehension and rethinking of personal and cultural memory.

Childhood Images 2019: Feature
Childhood Images 2019: Pro Gallery
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