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Through the transparent fibers

The sun, not hiding light,

Strikes idly at the blind windows of

The empty housing.

Fragment from the poem by A. Blok «Golden Valley ...» 

A series of photographs «Through transparent fibers ...»

A series of photographs taken in Florence in 2019. All photos were taken in one frame. The effect of overlaying one image on another was achieved by photographing through reflections in glass.

The city as a museum space, where people endlessly come and leave. Their images are only for a short moment fixed in the reflections of glass and shop windows of city streets, and just as quickly and without a trace these images disappear. Not all locations selected for the series are popular tourist destinations. Some photographs were taken in randomly found nooks and narrow alleys where people relax, eat, communicate against the backdrop of centuries-old columns, monasteries, empty villas and old palazzo. Where city sculptures and images of saints from faded frescoes of old monasteries become witnesses of their life.

Perhaps these images are the real inhabitants of the city?

Golden Valley 2019: Feature
Golden Valley 2019: Pro Gallery
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