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Invisible Links 


Invisible Links 2018: Text
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Invisible Links 2018: Image

Installation "Invisible Links".

Inspired by medieval (European) Christian art, I make an attempt to transform my personal experience into the form of a hagiographic description.

The idea of ​​invisible connections runs both through the plot of the images themselves and permeates the installation space as a whole. Films are originally part of the technical process, but to me they are more than that. Films as a primary source, as separate disparate elements of history, details of a constructor, scraps of memory - in the right combination, create a narrative, link history. Repeated many times and scattered in space, they communicate with each other, forming a new semantic field.

In this project I use silk-screening work done on black velvet fabric and negative film, which is usually used as a material for creating works in this technique. In this case, the silk-screen printing technique is a developer or resurrector of memory. Layer by layer, layering one on top of the other, developing images, I gradually build and structure my own memory and memories.

Invisible Links 2018: Text
Invisible Links 2018: Pro Gallery

"Invisible Links", silk-screen printing on fabric, fabric size: 135 x 77 cm; print size: 31 x 75 cm, 2018

Invisible Links 2018: Text
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